Q: How can I save money on can liners?

prod6A: There are two very simple methods:

  1. Verify right size bag in your receptacle. We estimate 75% of the end user market is using liners that is too large for the receptacle.
  2. Down-gauge. If you are using 1.5 mil, try a Republic Bag 1.2 mil. If you are using a 16 micron and double bagging, you should use a 14 or 12 micron. Republic Bag uses prime grade virgin material and our quality is superior than most of our competition.
Q: China or Domestic?

eagle2A: It’s complicated…

If you factor an 8 week + lead time from China, and (often) off-spec product, the difference is often negligible. Our labor costs are relatively low, and we currently purchase raw materials from Asia keeping our pricing competitive with Asia-made products.

If you factor in the pollution generated to ship the product halfway around the world, the answer becomes crystal clear: Domestic!

Q: Is High Density cheaper than Low Density/Linear Low?

prod5A: Yes, the High Density liners are approximately 25 to 85% less plastic than LDPE/LLDPE liners, the cost per bag is usually lower. However, High Density liners easily tear when punctured, so High Density application often calls for double bagging. If you are double bagging, or cleaning up after a bag failure – the best answer may very well be Linear Low/Low Density.