4 Step Process

Republic Bag’s 4 Step Process for creating sales and long term customer relationships:

1. Determine Usage

3bagspg3The first step is to determine exactly what bag is being used. It is imperative to get all of the competitive information including size, mil, color, density (HDPE or LLDPE) case pack. Can liners are not created equally. Republic Bag prides itself on using premium material to ensure performance that meets or beats all competitors. Republic Bag customers can offer a down-gauged product that will usually outperform competitors’ heavier bags. This creates a Win-Win-Win scenario; better performance, lower price-per-bag, and source reduction.

2. Determine Level of Satisfaction

prod7Determine from the USER of the product his or her satisfaction level. Some key points to discuss include:

  • Is the user double bagging?
  • Does the bag fit the container properly?
  • Evaluate the current product’s overall performance.
3. Offer Recommendations

prod2In today’s market, many people are dissatisfied with the confusion and lack of performance in the can liner category. Determining the right bag for the right application is extremely important. HDPE can liners should be used for light duty jobs. LLDPE & LLDPE Blended can liners should be used for your heavier duty industrial applications, and Premium Material can liners from Republic Bag should be used for heavy duty and extra heavy duty trash applications. Double bagging and bag failures are unacceptable in RBI’s world.

4. Overcoming Objections

coronaRepublic Bag has been producing quality products at competitive prices for over 20 years. We understand the competitive nature of the can liner market, and are committed to efficiency and quality. Republic Bag in partnership with you, our customer, will provide the right bag for the right job, and we stand behind our product 100%. In a nutshell, the Republic solution is ONE bag that performs for the specific job, and is priced competitively. This will result in satisfied and loyal customers!